Sunday, February 8, 2009

Swamp Thing # 34

Writer: Alan Moore
Artists: Stephen Bissette & John Totleben
Colorist: Tatjana Wood
Publisher: Vertigo Comics
Published: March 1985

Issue 34 of Swamp Thing is the psychedelic love song of comics.

After Abby is rescued from the clutches of Hell by Swamp Thing, the two of them are resting in the Louisiana swamps. After some brief conversation she proclaims her love for him, and thus begins the weirdest, bizarre, (maybe illegal), love sequences in comic history. Because of his nature (as in he is a plant), Swamp Thing is unsure that sex between the two of them would possible. Instead he produces a tuber that she eats and this creates a psychic/spiritual connection between the two which allows Abby and Swamp Thing to 'bond'. The issue ends with a romantic kiss between the two, with Swamp Thing in bloom.

I must admit, I love this issue to no end. First off, the art is fantastic. I really liked the way the artists drew flowers and tubers growing on Swamp Thing. The panels where Abby and Swamp Thing are merged are trippy and unique, which further highlights their unusual but deeply committed love. Second off, as for the story, all I can say is leave it to Alan Moore to create something this outlandish and gross (yet romantic). I guess as only Moore knows, sometimes the best love is weird, monstrous, and tuber-induced.

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