Friday, February 6, 2009

X-Factor # 61 (Part 6 of The X-Tinction Agenda)

Writer: Louise Simonson
Artists: Jon Bogdanove, John Caponigro
Publisher: Marvel
Published: December 1990

Anyone remember X-tinction Agenda? If not a quick recap: the country of Genosha with the aid of Cameron Hodge (a crazy psycho cyborg) have declared war on mutants. A bunch of mutants have been captured and have had their mutant powers blocked. Hodge tortures the mutants forcing them to fight one another. One battle had Wolverine and Archangel forced to fight, where Wolverine is left badly injured. He is tossed into a cell.

This issue picks up with Jean Grey and Cable being tossed into cells as well. Hodge has Jean Grey placed in the same cell as Wolverine. As everyone knows, Wolvie has always had a major krush on Jean. His love for Jean is just another tragedy in his life, as Jean is loyally in love with Cyclops and can never return his love. Now that he's dying (because his healing factor is being blocked) Jean is drawn to him and able to bring some comfort to his life.

There have been many Wolverine and Jean Grey moments in X history, but I always remember this one as being particularly poignant.

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