Sunday, March 15, 2009

THB # 1 Vol. 2

Writer/Artist: Paul Pope
Publisher: Horse Press
Published: 1995

THB is Paul Popes sci-fi epic! It's a great series of comics, and because I feel generous, I'm going to share the main plot of this one! This issue follows HR Watson and THB.

But what is THB exactly?
And what does it do? Answer: Something special:

Just add water:

But, too bad for HR as she has been betrayed to reveal THB so her friend can join a club!

Whammy! HR is attacked by a Renoir 36!

And another whammy as she loses THB! What is she gonna do?!!

So, how does it all go down?

TRIPLE WHAMMY: I'm not gonna say! Feelin' betrayed?


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