Wednesday, March 4, 2009

X-Statix # 11: Introducing El Guapo!

Writer: Peter Milligan
Artists: Mike Allred/Laura Allred
Publisher: Marvel
Published: August 2003

X-Statix is one of my favorite series Marvel put out in the last decade or so. These heroes more concerned about saving people for television ratings sake than goodness sake.

Issue # 11 introduces Robbie Rodriguez aka "El Guapo" aka "The Handsome One" to the team. He has been brought on to boost drama amongst the team. He rides a mystical skateboard.

During a recruitment party, Robbie is sent into action with the team. Being a bit drunk, he slams head first into a tree. Exit stage left.

After, Robbie has a heart to heart with his girlfriend on whether to join X-Statix. He decides it'll be great for him and her, and they'll see each other whenever they can.

All seems well until, fame, money, and attention get the better of El Guapo.

Too bad for him Doop records everything.

Too bad for El Guapo his skateboard doesn't approve of his cheating ways, and gives him a lesson in skate justice.

Welcome to X-Statix.

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