Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Batman: Black & White # 4 Special 3D Edition

Batman swingingWriters: Brian Bolland, Jan Stanad, Archie Goodwin, Dennis O'Neil, Katsuhiao Otomo
Artists: Brian Bolland, Kevin Nowlan, Gary Gianni, Brian Steelfreeze, Alex Toth
Publisher: DC
Published: September 1996

If you're a someone, than you know or gots Batman Black & White. This is a Batman series that is exactly what it is called: Batman in black and white. Creators were given the chance to write/draw a 8 page self-contained story of the Dark Knight. Issue # 4 has got the infamous "An Innocent Guy" by Brian Bolland, which alone, makes this issue a hot number. What makes my particular copy extra special is that this is only 1 of only a 1000 issues printed that were in eye popping 3D!

Check some scans from the 5 stories contained in this issue:

An Innocent Guybatman jumping
Monsters in the ClosetBatman fighting a monster
HeroesBatman on a plane
LeavetakingBatman beating up bad guys
The Third MaskBatman intimidating!
Back CoverBatman cut shots from back cover

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