Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Marvel Comics Presents # 88: Wolverine

Writers: Peter David, Various
Artists: Sam Kieth, Various
Publisher: Marvel
Published: 1991

Growing up this was (and still is) one of my favorite Wolverine stories. It has everything: Wolvie getting beating up, Madripoor, a tough son of a b*tch villain, Tiger Tyger, and hot dog cars. This run also introduced me to Sam Kieth. Lately he has been doing a bunch of work on Batman, but it was Wolverine work that really put him over the top. Kieth deliviered one of the hariest, beastly Wolverines I've yet seen. This ain't no Hugh Jackman.

Wolverine has just been beaten, bad, by Cyber. Cyber is able to deliver hallucinogens via his toxin tipped fingernails. Issue 88 opens with Wolverine in a lot of pain, and the hallucinogens kicking in. He is relieving the moments when he first met Cyber. Wolvie is in school, and is not to pleased with Coach Cyber. Seems the coach has made the moves on his girl Janet. Too Bad for Wolvie that Coach Cyber has got a bigger sausage...car. Looks like the two are going to have a wiener show down.

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