Saturday, April 4, 2009

Spider-Man the Manga # 3

Writer/Artist: Ryoichi Ikegami
Translators: Mutsumi Masuda & C.B. Cebulski
Publisher: Marvel
Published: January 1998

The manga version of Spider-Man is pretty cool. It sticks fairly close to the Spider-man ethos. Peter Parker is Yu Komari. In issue # 3 Komari is lamenting his latest defeat at the electric hands of Electro. Meanwhile, Electro is realizing that his lust for money carries a larger price tag then he could ever imagine.

Classic Peter Parker Manga style:
Electro paying the impossible price:
Classic Spider-Man Remorse:

At my old job I met a customer named Peter Parker. When I asked his name he said his first name no problem, but then slightly mumbled his last name. I never said a word. After we were done talking, I kinda felt bad for the guy. He has to live with the name of one of the most famous fictional characters in comic history. However, unlike his comic alter ego, this guy doesn't get to be Spider-Man on the side, swinging from building to building, saving lives, and bringing joy to people. Oh well, I'm sure at the end of the day he'll be alright. Hell, maybe his nickname is Spidey. I can see this guy being good on the bb court. He'd be blasting through defenses, rebounding like a mad nun, and scoring 3 pointers left right and center, all the while, the crowd is shouting: "Go Spidey! Go Spidey!" Yeah, this Peter Parker will be alright.

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