Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sin City

Writer/Artist: Jack Chick
Publisher: Chick Publications
Published: 1998

I watched Jesus Camp a few months back. One of the kids in the film was reading a Jack Chick comic, so I felt I'd share another of his comics. I've also been thinking of Frank Miller's Sin City lately. Lo and behold, Jack Chick wrote a strip titled Sin City. But that's about the only element the two have in common.

Jack Chick's Sin City is about a pastor who is protesting homosexuality. Due to his "radical stance", he is nearly beaten to death. While recuperating, he meets a gay priest who harbors a demon, which of course clouds his judgment. After some choice words of wisdom involving Sodom and Gomorrah by the pastor, the demon is excised, and the priest repents his sins. The End.

Not a very uplifting tale, and a bit one sided,...man I don't have the energy to even go into this one. Check the link to read the actual comic...OR... check this link for some tight pants sinning.

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