Friday, September 3, 2010

Fan Expo 2010 - Girl Comics # 2

A clever play on the Snow White fairy tale with Marvel WomenWriters: Various
Artists: Various
Colours: Various
Publisher: Marvel
Published: July 2010

While at the Fan Expo in Toronto, I had the opportunity to meet Jill Thompson! She's a nice person who is a wicked artist. Our conversation was brief and a bit stunted, but enjoyable nonetheless.

Inhumans by Jill ThompsonI mentioned how much I liked her cover for Girl Comics 2, what with the spin on a fairytale using Marvel characters. She said she "got to do a Marvel cover" and so she wanted to cram as many characters as she could on it. All the better in my mind - I think it's the best cover of the 3 issues.

We then turned to a discussion on her technique. She is a master artist in my mind. She can write, draw, illustrate, paint, letter, and color. She mentioned that one of the draw backs of digital coloring is how easy it is to create a flat looking image. She's totally right. Now, just to clarify, she's not saying digital coloring sucks, just that it is very easy to create a flat image, whereas with paint, depth and perspective can be explored more thoroughly. By having the color trail off, recede, or fade out, an illusion of depth is created, which makes the art all the more interesting. Another thing she mentioned was on her Scary Godmother series, she uses her own font, which has since been made into a digital font. I'm not sure why Marvel didn't just use her font for her Inhumans story...but that's the corporate machine at work I guess. Man she's a wicked artist though! I only wish I had the cashonies to buy a copy of her sketches...I'll be kicking myself over that one....

Check below a pic I took of the printed copy vs. the original artwork from Girl Comics 2. (I still think Girl Comics 2 is a terrible title. All the more considering I have to think of Jill Thompson and the phrase 'Girl Comics' in the same sentence. Just seems wrong...anyway, enjoy the art!)

Picture of Inhumans

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