Tuesday, October 21, 2008

"Testing Hollywood For Love" Romances #51

Writer: J. Thomas
Artist: R. Davis
Publisher: Charlton
Published: February 1970

"Testing Hollywood for Love" Romances is quite the comic. It has three tales: Empty Kisses and Broken Heart's, Born to Heartbreak, and Testing For Love. Each tale begins with a kiss and then ends with a kiss. The story that elapses between the two kisses is only to distinguish the differences in the kisses. The first kiss is on an studio set between two actors and thus has no real "romantic" value. Each story then follows the female lead as she tries to find happiness; and this path to happiness involves giving up their acting career to become wives. The stories then conclude with the real "romantic" kiss between committed partners.

As a guy used to reading about Batman beating the tar out of some crook, this romance comic is definitely a glimpse into another world. Sure, there is no action besides heavy duty snogging, no real character development beyond lonely single career woman converted to married housewife, and no emotion beyond panels and panels of crying, but overall, it's a nice looking comic. The penmanship is crisp, detailed, and holds up to the test of time, even if the story themes don't.

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