Thursday, November 13, 2008

Futurama # 38

Writer: Ian Boothby
Artist: Tom King
Colorist: Nathan Kane
Publisher: Bongo Comics
Published: July 2008

F is for the frickin' fantastical Futurama!

Leela yellingIssue 38 has Leela not getting any employee respect from Bender and Fry. This is frustrating for Leela, considering the neglect of her orders leads Fry to foul things up and accidentally cause the ship to crash into a strange planet. The three of them end up getting separated during the crash. Leela winds up defeating a cyborg wild jungle cat, and inadvertently rescuing a bunch of nerds who inhabit the planet. They proclaim her their leader, and give her a ridiculous revealing outfit. Insert sniffling nerd noise of cartoony satisfaction.Leela yelling

Meanwhile Fry finds Bender's outer casing, and assuming him to be murdered by the nerds, dons his body and begins his journey of vengeance. Little does he know that the nerds have downloaded Bender into an old computer. The tale ends with a Tarantion-esque death splatter montage. Nerd bits are strewn in horrific efficiency as Iron Fry kills the people he once saved. Nobody wants him. They just turn their heads. Nobody helps him. Now he has his revenge.

Daaaa Daaa Da Da Danh!

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