Sunday, November 30, 2008

Gold Key Spotlight # 3: Wacky Witch

Publisher: Western Publishing Company
Published: October 1976

W is for wacky, as in how wacky is it that this issue of Gold Key Spotlight doesn't have an artist or writer? Yeah - wacky!

This issue has Wacky Witch up to all sorts of hex-jinks. The first tale has her magic-ing up a scepter that will punish the bad and spoil the good. The scepter ends up doing the reverse, with the good getting powder and the bad getting gold coins. She ends up replacing the coins with tar and feathers, so the bad guys get what's coming to them....

Ok here's the deal. I'm a bit tired today, and I'm starting to hit the "wall" when it comes to reviewing these comics. However, I will soldier on, but for today's comic, I found that the advertisements were more interesting than the stories. Since I can't determine the writer/artist, I don't feel too bad that I'm going to bypass their work to post the ads. Enjoy!

My favorite is the "Smoking Pets" ad.

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