Monday, November 17, 2008

Justice League: The New Frontier

Writer: Darwyn Cooke
Artists: Darwyn Cooke, David Bullock, J. Bone
Publisher: DC
Published: May 2008

J is for the main course consisting of steak (medium rare) with a side order of JUSTICE! Justice may be blind, but even she can't deny the sweet smell of a steak grilled to succulent satisfaction...ummm....

This issue of Justice League was released just before the DC DVD, Justice League: The New Frontier, hit the stands. It is comprised of three short stories revolving around Cooke's interpretation of DC's Silver Age heroes.

The first tale has a battle between Batman and Superman, with Wonder Woman breaking them up. It covers the first meeting between Batman and Superman. Supes has been ordered to take down Batman, and being the boy scout he is, he plans to, even without Wonder Woman's help. So when the big day comes and Superman makes his assault, he's a little unprepared for what Batman has in store for him. As usual. When will Superman learn?

The second tale is about Robin and Kid Flash taking down some dragster thugs and communists.

Finally, the last tale is about Wonder Woman. This is by far the best tale of the bunch. It has Wonder Woman living up to her standard of the ultimate Feminist Hero. Wonder Woman is enraged at the sexist views that pervade America. She exclaims that if equality won't stand on it's own, then she will enforce it. This leads to her and Black Canary infiltrating a newly opened 'bunny club' in Gotham.

Now, I hate to give away too much of this tale, but I just have to add that it involves a burning breast plate that fueled an ideology that lit America on fire in the 60s. Aw forget it, I'm going to attach the image. This is one of those tales that has to be shared, because I don't imagine it'll go into reprint. Also, props to J. Bone for making Wonder Woman a little more curvy than usual. It really suits her. And props to Darwyn Cooke for being the only artist (that I know of) for having the male genitalia to draw Wonder Woman taller/broader than DC's big boys. As he says, she is Amazonian after all.

Wonder Woman burns her breastplate

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