Thursday, November 6, 2008

Masters of the Universe # 3

Writer: Val Staples
Artist: Emiliano Santalucia
Publisher: Image Comics
Published: February 2003

I don't remember much about He-Man beyond Skeletor, the opening where He-Man held his sword high and spoke THE words, "I HAVE A HERNIA, uh - THE POWER!," and the crossover episode with He-Man and She-Ra. The only reason I remember the crossover episode was because when I was quite young my mom took me to see my cousins in Moose Jaw SK. I was a couple years older than them, and the oldest of the siblings was named T.J. I don't know what got into me, but for some reason I kept calling T.J., P.J. As in pyjamas. And I wouldn't stop calling him P.J. It got so bad that he ended up pleading to his mom and my mom to get me to stop. All the while during this excessive name abuse the He-Man/She-Ra crossover was on TV, and I think I ruined it for T.J.

Oh, well, it's a fact kids are cruel. Just hope that your kids are the ones dishing the shit and not shoveling it.

Issue 3 has the good guys and bad guys fighting over some crystal thing that holds the destruction of something or the other. It ends with He-Man being duped by Evil-Lyn, and then Evil-Lyn being duped by Skeletor. The only thing remarkable about this issue is the artwork, which is great. And Evil-Lyn. What a terrible name for a child, Evil-Lyn. I imagine when she was born her real name was Lyn and then, when she was older, everyone in Ahernia found out that she was the one responsible for all those highway kidnappings were the victims wake up in bathtubs full of ice and their kidneys missing, whereupon she then became Evil-Lyn. Or maybe it was because some older asshole cousin who she had never met came to visit and kept calling her Evil-Lyn instead of Lyn.

Nah...nobody is that much of a dick.

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