Sunday, November 23, 2008

Peter Rabbit 3-D

Writer/Artist: Harrison Cady
Publisher: Eternity Comics
Published: April 1990

P is for perplexed at how difficult it is to find 3-D glasses in Peterborough! I found this 3-D comic of Peter Rabbit in a 25 cent bin, and instantly knew it was going to be awesome (which it is), but it didn't come with 3-D glasses. At first, I visited Michaels (a chain art supply store) to get the material to make my own, but was told, not politely either, they didn't carry red or blue film. I then went to a few toy and book stores and was told no as well. Damn, I thought! What kinda world do we live in where a guy can't get his 3-D on!

I eventually ended up finding them in the same bin that I found the Peter Rabbit issue. They were included in a special 3-D Wildcats/X-Men crossover issue, illustrated by Adam Hughes. Now, considering how difficult it was to find them, I'm never going to give them up. (Click the link - you know what it is and you know you want to!) Much to my disappointment, they don't really work with the 3rd Rock From the Sun 3-D episodes. I think for that type of 3-D I need the clear type lenses. Thus the search begins again!

Apparently, Peter Rabbit didn't just come from the mind of Beatrix Potter. Another Peter Rabbit existed who was more of a trickster, unlike his coat-less counterpart. This Peter Rabbit was created by Thornton Burgess in 1914 and was later adapted to newspaper format by Harrison Cady.

The 3-D version is just that, reprints of the old Sunday strips, but this time in 3-D! Now, most kids think that 3-D is lame, what with all the special effects of the howizts an' whatszits, but this comic really benifits from it. It's almost like Peter Rabbit is leaping off the page! (Had too...)

One particularly funny tale has Peter Rabbit reading up a book called "How to become a Detective." After reading it he becomes inspired to sleuth out some crimes. He ends up following two suspicious characters, a turtle and snail. They seem to be poking something in a tree. Peter, deciding he has caught them in a crime, jumps out and exclaims: "Villains, I've got you at last." At this point, the turtle orders the snail to hide in his shell as he is going to "swat her." By "her" he means a hornets nest! Peter ends up being stung all over as the turtle and snail watch peacefully in their shells. Now, I can't even begin to tell you how awesome that is, but let's just say: "Awesome" - and in 3-D!

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