Monday, November 24, 2008

Quasar # 10

Writer: Mark Gruenwald
Artist: Mike Manley
Colorist: Paul Becton
Publisher: Marvel
Published: May 1990

Q is for the Cosmic Avenger! Quasar.

Quasar is like a cosmic dude. He has bands about his wrist that lets him emit cosmic energy, which he can manipulate and control. He is on a quest to stalk down all the threats to Eon, who is a giant floating head with a big eye where its eye would normally be. I know, bizarre.

Issue 10 has Quasar tying up Halflife (an illegal extraterresital) with her own hip high leather boots. Later Quasar is kidnapped in his sleep by two Kree scientists who want to exploit the power in his bands for their mass eugenics program to save the Kree empire. Dr. Minerva, the female scientist was originally sent to Earth to mate with Captain Mar-vell, because the Kree people had hit a genetic dead end. She failed at her task (due to Mar-vell's death), was later made super via a radiation ray, and then she met her fellow Kree scientist. The issue ends with Quasar escaping his captors, and along the way rescuing her Kree partner who had been sucked in space after a battle gone awry with Quasar. Quasar wishes them luck in mating. THE END.

Less than inspiring, I know, but it had some neat artwork, and it did involve mating for the good of the Kree population.

For the greater good!

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