Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Spidey and the Mini Marvels # 1

Mini Spidey and WolverineWriter/Artist: Chris Giarrusso
Publisher: Marvel
Published: May 2003

S is for Spidey!

I haven't reviewed any Spider-Man comics since I started my 365 run, and so today I end this Spider-man drought, once and for all! LET THERE BE SPIDER-MAN! or in today's case, SPIDEY!

Ain't he cute!

You know it.

This amazing first issue has Spidey competing with Venom to see who will get the honor of delivering Daily Bugle papers to the Osborn household. The two of them are forced to compete in an obstacle course, but neither are willing to do so, and so the J. Jonah Jameson is forced to decide for them...with dire consequences for the nefarious Goblin father/son duo.

The second tale of this spectacular issue concerns Wolverines quest for his favorite breakfast cereal, X-Crunch. He visits the local superstore, but is accused of stealing by management - poor little guy! Upon leaving the store, he is tackled by Sabertooth and Toad. Wolverine is assisted by the mother of a bear cub (he rescued the bear cub earlier in the ish), and the battle is concluded as Sabertooth and Toad are sent flying by mother bear wielding a golf club. The tale ends with Wolvie sitting down to a much earned breakfast, only to have his cereal end up on the ground, due to an earlier dispute between his claws and the table leg. Can't Marvel cut Wolvie a break once and a while?

What I find interesting is the love/hate thing Wolvie has got going with bears. When he's a mini, he's all about saving them, but when he's older, Wolvie's all about eatin' em (see Marvel Comics Presents issue 54 & 55). What happened? I'm thinking a limited edition series, consisting of 8 issues written by Kevin Smith, spaced out over 3 years, of Wolverine versus the bears. Shit, know what the reminds me of?...

Well I'm gonna tell ya!

In the movie, The Golden Compass, there is one helluva bear fight.

That's it.

Go see it.

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