Saturday, December 27, 2008

All Star Batman & Robin The Boy Wonder # 10

Writer: Frank Miller
Artist: Jim Lee
Publisher: DC
Published: August 2008

"Holy Shit Batman!"

After a spectacular issue # 9, Miller and Lee follow up with a voyage into Swearville. The story was decent, with Batman rescuing a beat up Catwoman, Batgirl being arrested, Black Canary blowing up a child porn base, and Jim Gordon's wife Barbara in the hospital after drinking and driving. Beyond that, the only element of note was the excessive amount of swearing. Now I can see why DC 'accidentally' published this issue without the swears being entirely blacked out, because with them blacked out I have to spend half my time figuring out what swear works best in the sentence. Are they saying "fuck", "shit" or what? I don't like having to guess what swear works best. Call it my lazy comic book nature, but the reason I buy comics is because the pictures are already created for me and I don't have to "imagine" the visuals. Hiding the words just further complicates my lazy nature, 'cause if I don't even want to imagine the visuals, who the shit Goddamn fuck motherfucking asswipe dickwad fucker' would think that I want to imagine the words!

Show me the muthfuckin' money bitch!

Swearing is wrong. But if Batman can get away with calling Catwoman "Baby " while Miller romanticizes their "sweaty, dirty, glorious mess..." then I guess swearing is the least of concerns.

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