Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Avengers Fairy Tales # 1

Writers: C.B. Cebulski
Artists: Joao Lemos
Publisher: Marvel
Published: May 2008

So Long 2008 & Thanks For Everything. Hard to believe another year is gone. Almost make's one feel like they don't want to grow up....

Today I'm reviewing another Marvel fairy tale issue. This one is from the Avengers line, and it has Wanda and Pietro taken to Neverland by the Captain. Sound familiar? The story has Wanda and Pietro meeting the Lost Boys, Thor, Shellhead, Panther, and Hawk, and the fairy Wasp, who all live in a land of play and adventure. Meanwhile, Klaw, the bad guy has different plans for Captain and Wanda....too bad for Klaw, the clocks ticking for him and a hungry gator is waiting...

With a snap of his jaw, goodbye Klaw, and Goodnight 2008!

Here's to never, ever growing up.

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