Sunday, December 7, 2008

Headman # 1: "The Many-Eyed Monster"

Writer/Artist: Matt Thompson
Publisher: Innovation
Published: February 1990

Now before I hear it from anyone else, yes, Headman is a poor follow up to yesterdays post. This was the only comic I read today, and I'm too tired/lazy to read something else.

I don't know much about Innovation, but from the couple of issues I own, they seem to focus more on an adult audience. That, and the stories are fantasy/sci-fi driven. Headman is definitely a sci-fi tale. Basically, this guy who looks like Sting whose name is Ethan ends up assassinating the President of the United States. He is sent to a prison that is 400 miles from Earth that is called Argus (which is directly named after the Many Eyed Monster Argos).

There he is decapitated, and using advanced technology, his head is given life inside of a jar. The head scientist/warden's daughter Andrea, is hired as a psychiatrist, but her real goal is to kill her father. During her time on Argus she falls in love with Ethan, the head. They make out, real creepy like, but I'm getting ahead of myself.

Andrea ends up getting shot by Ethan, (he has a robot body at this point), who was defending her father. Turns out her father was onto a Soviet plot to kill something or the other, and Ethan finds out that an exact duplicate was responsible for assassinating the President, but he was ultimately betrayed by the US government because they needed him...I got a bit confusing at this point. Moving ahead a bit, it ends with Ethan and Andrea reunited in heady bliss.

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