Saturday, December 13, 2008

Pacific Presents...The Rocketeer and The Missing Man # 1

Writers/Artists: Dave Stevens, Steve Ditko
Publisher: Pacific Comics
Published: October 1982

Betty Page has died.

I chose today's comic strictly because it has a character named Betty inspired by the late Betty Page. I don't have too much to say about Page beyond that she was the quintessential cheesecake pinup and devout Christian. She was the enigma of the modeling world and contrary to folks perception of her as a nudist/bondage queen, her visual legacy is almost 90% because of her facial expressiveness and trademark bangs.

With Betty Page it all comes down to her face and her animated expressions. It's like she doesn't take herself too seriously, which is probably more attractive than the thousands of cover models who pout and sneer that plaster our supermarket shelves. (My girlfriend told me that the Olsen twins say "prune" every time they get their photo taken, just so they'll have that whole pouting thing going on. Too funny! Do it - "Prune")

Today's issue has two stories in one. The Rocketeer by Dave Stevens and The Missing Man by Steve Ditko. The Rocketeer has our main hero Cliff, battling German spies who are trying to capture the rocket pack. It also stars Betty, the lady love of Cliff, who just so happens to look like her namesake. If you've seen the Disney movie of the Rocketeer than you'll pretty much know how this story goes. On a sad note, Dave Stevens has also passed on a few months back, and I like to think that he and Betty are having a nice day at the beach, where ever they are.

The Missing Man is a bizarre tale of this dude who is, well its hard to describe, so just check the images. He's a crime fighter trying to take down a crime lord King (imagine that, a crime fighter fighting a crime lord). King has this weird lady he recruited called Queen Bee who can emit musical notes that drive her victims crazy. She also has some killer bangs, but unlike Betty Page, she can kill with her deadly humming. Another bizarre tale from Ditko, sure to amaze and confuse us for all time to come.

Here's to lace and bangs. RIP Betty Page.

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