Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Paul Dini's Jingle Belle: Santa Claus v. Frankenstein

Writer: Paul Dini
Artist: Stephanie Gladden
Colorist: Felix Serrano
Publisher: Image Comics
Published: December 2008

Nigh on 9 days till X-MAS! Hard to believe eh?

Today's comic is basically Santa v. Frankenstein. Santa is being bashed by a politician. His loyal, but unreliable elf daughter (or employee - not sure) Jingle Belle, stumbles upon Frankenstein frozen a la Captain America style. She thaws him out, whereupon he begins making toys for the jolly old guy, and the issue ends with a public display of old red fat man having fisticuffs with the monster man. Doesn't get much more complicated than that. Really with a story called Santa v. Frankenstein, what did you think you'd get?

Notice how I abbreviated "versus" to v. and not vs.? That's because legal speak requires "versus" to be abbreviated to v., so yeah...who wudda tunk it that one class of Business Law would pay off down the road? Score one for the good guys!

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