Monday, December 29, 2008

Robin Year One # 1 of 4

Writers: Chuck Dixon & Scott Beatty
Artist: Javier Pulido
Publisher: DC
Published: 2000

So here's the deal: I've never liked Robin being included in the Batman mythos. I understand why he was included, and I understand his importance in the Batman universe, but I just didn't go out of my way to actually read up on the guy. My interest in the character didn't start developing until I read Paul Pope's Teenage Sidekick, and when Jason Todd kicked the bucket. Today I took the bold step to actually read a strictly Robin story, and hard as it is to believe, I actually enjoyed it. The art is snappy, the script straightforward, and the story a mix of horrifying adultness and lost youth.

The story follows Batman and Robin as they attempt to track ten missing girls. The girls have been kidnapped by the Mad Hatter who intends to sell them to a sleazy foreign diplomat. The girls are dressed to look like Alice from Alice in Wonderland, which is a book of changes, ranging from physical changes to emotional state changes. Robin himself is a child in transition. He lives the life of a boy, but he is essentially an adult, choosing to tackle the worst aspects of life alongside Batman. In this issue he rescues a fellow classmate from being sold into slavery (or worst). It doesn't get more adult that that. Anyway, enough rattling on. I just want to say I got more respect for the character. Oh, and Alfred rocks in this series! Peas out!

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