Sunday, December 28, 2008

Spider-Man Fairy Tales # 3

Writer: C.B. Cebulski
Artist: Kei Kobayashi
Colorist: Christina Strain
Publisher: Marvel
Published: September 2007

I really dig these fairy tale spins on the Marvel universe. So far I've got all the Avengers Fairy tales, Spider-Man fairy tales, and some of the X-Men fairy tales. What I dig most is that Marvel is not just placing their characters into the traditional tales, but actually merging the original character into the fairy tale. Take for instance issue 3 of the Spider-Man run.

Peter Parker is Izumi and he is in the care of his grandparents, Aunt Satsuki and Uncle Masaru. His parents were killed by the Yokai, the evil spirits, and they live outside the village. The leader spirit is a Venom inspired monster. Izumi takes it upon himself to avenge his parents, but finds his efforts thwarted as the evil spirits invade his home, capture Aunt Satsuki, and kill his uncle. These themes sound familiar?

Izumi ends up getting infected by the spirits venom, and morphs into a demon spider spirit, but the only difference is that Izumi still has his heart to give him guidance, and he defies his "brother" spirits to save his aunt. He defeats the poison in his heart, and with the assistance of his Aunt, finds the ability to live with his curse. The End.

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