Friday, December 12, 2008

X-Men and Spider-Man # 2 of 4

Writer: Christos Gage
Artist: Mario Alberti
Publisher: Marvel
Published: December 2008

This is probably the best looking comic for a team up that I have ever read. I've never heard of Mario Alberti, but now that I have, I wish I had knew of him earlier, because his style is just fantastic. His mastery of the graphic design is staggering....I think I'm in love...

Issue two has Spider-Man (in his awesome black suit) rifling through the files of the now dead Kraven, and finding info on some shady dealings between Kraven and Mr. Sinister. Spidy heads over to visit the X-Men to advise them of this. At this point in the series, the X-Men are in knee deep with stopping the Marauders. For all you non X-Men folk, the Marauders are a group of mutants who were hired to capture individuals for Mr. Sinister's experiments. At this point the issue pretty much turns into one kick ass fight sequence, that includes Wolverine getting all beserker on Sabertooth. Also for any of the folks not in the know, Wolvie and Sabertooth don't get along too for thee reasons why, not too sure, as it keeps changing with Wolvies ever expanding history. The last I remember, and this is going back a few issues, is that Sabertooth killed Silver Fox, Wolvies lover. Now, I'm not too sure if that is the case, as I also think that whole Silver Fox thing may have been a mental implant...oh I can't keep up...I'll have to wik it up later. Not tonight though...gotta gets sleep and dream dreams of dreamland...

Anyway, this series is pretty much sliding under the radar, which is too bad, because folks need to buy these issues just so that Marvel will keep hiring Alberti.

Fuck Alberti rocks!

Next up some issues centered on Bats and Betty Page.

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