Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Big Bang # 3

Writers: Gary Carlson, Bill Fugate
Artists: Jeff Weigel, Bill Fugate, Jim Valentino
Publisher: Image Comics
Published: July 1996

The Big Bang comic series are homages of old golden and silver age comics. The first half of this comic concerns Ultiman, (Superman), who battles a mad scientist by the name of Cortex. Cortex tricks Ultiman and creates a doorway which allows a reversed Ultiman to storm the city. Sound a little bizarro? The 'bad' Ultiman causes a ruckus so Knight Watchman (Batman) enters the scene to sort things out as only Bat - uh - Knight Watchman can...'cause that is what friends are for.

The second half is a homage to Mary Marvel. In this story, Thunder Girl is attacked by a duplicate of herself, Tornado Girl, where Tornado Girl is a common criminal suped up by the evil Dr. Binana (a evil monkey). Playing possum, Thunder Girl is able to easily defeat Dr. Binana and Tornado Girl.

Overall I was impressed by these two stories. When I first read them I thought, "this can't be right - these are blatent rip offs of DC heroes," but at the same time, they looked so true to the source material, I thought they might have been some old authentic knock offs. I guess that's just a testament to the talented folks at Image Comics.

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