Monday, January 12, 2009

Patsy Walker # 78

Patsy swooning to Buzz's complimentsPatsy Walker scaring a gentlemanWriter: Stan Lee
Artist: Al Hartley
Publisher: Atlas Comics
Published: August 1958

Following up on yesterdays comic, here's the original Patsy Walker, before she was powered up by Marvel. This issue has a series of short tales which mostly involve harmless hi-jinks, teenage romance, and one page gags, and a 2 page word only romance story. The stories are pretty similar to Archie Comics (which Hartley would later go on to illustrate).

Patsy's outfit designed by Norma Arsenault of Port Dalhousie OntarioWhat I found most interesting about this comic was the fashion credits. In certain panels, a fashion design of one the characters would be given credit to a fan. For instance, on page one, Hedy's outfit is credited to Cheryl Branham of Tyson, Florida and on the same page, Patsy's outfit is credited to Norma Arsenault of Port Dalhousie, Ontario. I don't know why, but this intrigues me. I wonder what Norma and Cheryl are up to these days? Do they still own this issue? Was it a point of pride in their lives, or did it disappear from memory over the years? This comic was published in 1958, so if they were, say 14 when they designed Pasty and Hedy's clothes, they'd be 65 years old now. Holy Moly!

Patsy doing stuff with friendsA whole lot of wooing going on here!

Patsy by Al Hartley and Stan Lee

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