Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Marvel Romance Redux # 1: Guys & Dolls

Writers: Jeff Parker, Jim Starlin, John Lustig, Don Heck, Zeb Wells, Jean Thomas, Jimmy Palmiotti, Stan Lee, Frank Tieri
Artists: Jack Abel, Vinny Colletta, Gene Colan, Bill Everett, John Buscema, John Romita Sr., Frank Giacoia
Publisher: Marvel
Published: May 2006

It's that time of year again: Black History Month. Finally Chocolate City has become a reality. Nice.

Oh - also Valentines Day is fast approaching.

Here's a comic with romance on the agenda. Marvel's Romance Redux is equal parts an ode to the past and a satirical send up. Marvel has dug deep into the vault, dredging up the old romance comics of yesteryear and re-scripting the stories.

The first tale involves a witch who falls prey to a Diner Demon, and the second tale involves money and relationships. The third tale has a woman in love twisting her true nature, and the fourth involves forbidden love. Finally the last story has a star being born.

I found this issue pretty good. The new scripts were funny, and complemented the art quite well. I especially liked the issue involving the Diner Demon. The lead female character was a witch who was falling in love with a guy who only thought of food. Kinda reminded me of Carl Weathers when he was guest starring on Arrested Development.

The art is fantastic and even though the stories lack the original script it is pretty easy to figure out the original plot for most of these stories. They usually involve a lonely or unhappy girl who meets a man, falls in love, under goes some sort of drama, then it all wraps up with a kiss or the girl is still lonely. It seems like a lot of these old stories were all about finding a mate or your doomed to unhappiness, which I guess is what Valentines Day is all about!

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