Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Archie: The "Masked Marvel"

Writer/Artist: Unknown
Publisher: Archie Comics
Published: 1999 (original date: unknown)

I normally wouldn't post 2 Archie comics in one week, but after reading this one I had to get it out to the fans!

Archie is wearing a monster mask to school, and is insulted that people recognize him right away.

Betty remarks that the guys are doing this to boost their attractiveness, by taking of the mask and in comparison, they look much better. Veronica thinks the girls are too smart for this gimmick...but maybe she's mistaken:

Proving Veronica wrong, Archie corners a young damsel, and scares her into a date for Saturday night.

Betty and veronica assure the young lady that no date made under threat is legitimate, but the girl insists she must go. Veronica then asks why she was so scared when it was obviously Archie under the mask.

The young lady responds by removing her face and revealing a BIG GIANT EYE!

Oh, it's just Eyeda! Yuk yuk yuk...!! Too bad for Archie!

And the moral of the story is: don't scare women into having dates with you. You just may date a girl with a GIANT MONSTER EYE FOR A FACE! At least dinner will be cheap!


Anonymous said...

I have a hard time believing this wasn't originally Big Ethel and they didn't change it to be more politically correct. Problem is, I can't find the comic in which it was originally printed. Looks like early 60's.

Paul Castiglia said...

Half-right, Viperbl - except the change wasn't from Big Ethel to Eyeda; rather it went from Ophelia Gluttenschnable to Eyeda.