Thursday, March 5, 2009

Archie: The Dream Shop!

Archie surrounded by the ladies!Writer: Unknown (unless it is Harry Lucey)
Artist: Harry Lucey
Publisher: Archie Comics
Published: Unknown

I would be sorely amiss I didn't include an Archies tale in my blog. I thought I'd include one my favorite tales: "The Dream Shop!"

The story opens with Archie in a dream (see left panel - my favorite line is: " How can one man be so desirable?" I have to deal with that same sentiment day-in-day-out...sigh...). After waking from his dream, Archie visits the local dream shop where he meets this old man:

Archie buys a dream

Archie is sold a dream, which makes Archie so desirable, even Veronica is willing to die just so she can be with him. However, Archie just can't 'play favorites' and leaves Veronica moping. As Archie drives off he is suddenly floored by a sidewalk blond bombshell: Betty Cooper!

Veronica throws herself in front of a carBetty tosses Archies affection aside

Betty is now the most desirable thing Archie has ever seen! After some major begging, Betty relents and slams a hard kiss on Archie!

Betty helps a brother out
Turns out, Betty bought that last dream for him. Up next is a dream Jughead bought for Archie. As can be expected, it's just good ol' fun less any crazy girls.

Archie says Yuck to women!
The tale ends with Archie returning to the shop, only to have it nowhere to be found. Archie is pissed, while Betty and Jughead are left to figure out why Archie is in such a mood.

Archie is upset

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