Sunday, March 8, 2009

Marvel Zombies vs. Army of Darkness # 2 of 5

Jim Lee Uncanny X-Men issue zombie-d upWriter: John Layman
Artist/Colorist: Fabiano Neves/June Chung
Cover: Arthur Suydam
Publisher: Marvel/Dynamite Entertainment
Published: June 2007

90 seconds starting now!

Ash is in the Marvel Universe where zombies have taken over. He meets Spider-Man and the Punisher. The Punisher punishes people. Ash then saves Dazzler, and is impressed by her. They decide to go to visit Dr. Strange to get the Necronomicon to stop the zombies. the zombies are winning, and Ash is running out of one liners...or is he?

Oh and Howard the duck makes a very special guest appearance. A pretty good comic considering it's just capitalizing on the zombie madness. Time!

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