Monday, June 14, 2010

All Star Superman # 10

Writer: Grant Morrison
Artist: Frank Quitely
Colorist: Jamie Grant
Publisher: DC
Published: May 2008

All Star Superman is probably one of the finest stories to emerge in the last decade. I was reminded of this particular issue after reading an interview with Grant Morrison. (It is a great interview, and I highly recommend it.)

Issue 10 has Superman continuing his journey to make things right and do as much good as he can before his inevitable demise due to solar poisoning. In this issue Superman creates life, frees an imprisoned nation, cures all disease, and in one of the most touching moments in the series, saves a life.

With one page, broken into 5 panels, Morrison, Quitely, and Grant reminded me why I love comics. As Morrison states, one of the things he hoped readers of All Star Superman would take away with them was that a few words and some figure drawings would have the ability to "make you cry, make your heart soar,..."

Well I nearly lost it in this issue. I've been feeling glum as of late. Very glum. But after reading this issue I feel a little better. This is going to sound weird, but I really like that Superman chooses to save us not because he can, or because he needs to, but because he wants to...(alluding to Mark Waid)'s nice to know that Superman believes in us. That we're worth it.

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