Friday, June 4, 2010

Fearless Dawn # 1 - Free Comic Book Day

Writer/Artist: Steve Mannion
Publisher: Asylum Press
Published: May 2010

Probably one of the more provocative covers for a free comic book in recent years. Fearless Dawn is a superhero of sorts. She's, she's, well I'm not 100% sure, but she has a weird bat/antler type hat, a leather vest, leather slacks, tattoos, and a whole of fiestyness - which make her a superhero in my books!

In the eight page preview, she's storms Manitoba (?), to take down illegal suppliers of the deadly COMBAT DRUG! Basically she mows down a bunch of nazi type individuals, with the last page having her confront a drugged up baddie. Good stuff. The art is a nice blend of pin-up cheesecake with visceral action. Mannion seems to like drawing attractive ladies fighting military-esque monsters. Which is awesome.

The remainder of the issue has more previews of Asylum Presses other works. There are some good stuff...but to me Fearless Dawn is the highlight. Check the site for more in yo face awesomeness. But before you head on over, check out some kick-ass art below.

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