Saturday, November 8, 2008

Alf # 18

Writer: Michael Gallagher
Artist: Dave Manak
Colorist: Marie Severin
Publisher: Marvel
Published: August 1989

A is for the amazing and audacious ALF!

Anyone remember Alf? He's that brown furry alien that took over sit-com hell in the mid 80s. Because of the popularity his show he was soon turned into a comic published by Marvel. The comics usually consisted of a series of short stories or gags.

Issue 18 has 3 tales. The first one involves Alf sniffing some pesticide, which causes him to grow exponentially. This forces the Tanner's to hide him in the woods, whereupon he scares away some poachers. He returns to his normal size when he drinks pond scum to put out some stray fires. The second tale has - ah forget it, nobody really wants to hear about Alf these days. Unless an alien is eating Reese's Pieces or human organ meat who can be bothered to care?

I've said it once before, and I'll say it again: Don't trust anything that looks like a hairy turd.

I once knew a guy who had a nick name that was Turd. Not sure why he was so cool about it.

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