Sunday, November 9, 2008

Bettie Page Comics

Writers: Dave Stevens, Jeff Gelb, Gilbert Hernandez, Eric Stanton
Artists: Dave Stevens, Bret Blevins, Tony Meers, Russ Health
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
Published: March 1996

B is for Bettie!

In 1996 Dark Horse published a short comic dedicated to Bettie Page. It's really good, and not just because of the artwork...well the artwork is really good, but also because the stories are actually entertaining and not just fluff pieces as an excuse to draw Page.

The first story has Page being hired by a Mr. Glen Wood (think Ed Wood) to star in one of his films. Being Ed Wood, the story involves him dreaming bigger than his budget, and ends with him being thrown to the curb. Blevins is the artist on this one, and he delivers some of his best work as far as I'm concerned.

The second tale has Bettie Page, during a photo shoot, finding some stolen jewels. The third tale is printed by the one and only Eric Stanton. The last tale has Bettie Page giving some aliens a lesson in playful slapping.

I was going to write up some thoughts on Page, but I figure I'll let the artwork speak for itself. Enjoy!

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