Monday, November 10, 2008

Casual Heroes # 1

Writer/Artist: Kevin McCarthy
Colorist: Noelle Giddings
Publisher: Image Comics
Published: April 1996

C is for cool, conceited, casual.

Casual Heroes, based off my first reaction, is the precursor to the X-Statix. The emphasis is on heroes that are not really heroes. The characters are conceited, distracted, and depressing...which is good. If anything, it's a nice spin on the superhero ethic to do good.

Issue 1 has Red Saturn, THE superhero in this series, depressed and drinking in a bar, while his teammates are being beaten by some crazy monster. He's depressed, drinking, and tells a fan that the 'so called menaces' are timed to be near month end so as to sell more comics. The issue ends with Red Saturn breaking off his one night stand with the fan to finally face the big monster. Issue 2's cover is by Paul Pope, but it is near impossible to track this issue down. Too bad.

All in all the issue is pretty good, but missing something. The concept is great, since it did work for X-Statix, but it just doesn't click. I'm thinking it was ahead of its time. Like fish flavored ice cream. Ummm, ummm good.

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