Saturday, November 22, 2008

Oz the Manga # 6

Writer: Frank L. Baum
Adaptation/Artist: David Hutchison
Publisher: Antartic Press
Published: November 2005

O is for the Oz's wonderful Wicked Witch of the West!

This is another purchase of mine that was based solely on the cover. That and it's a manga of Wizard of Oz. I've have this strong passion for re-inventions of pop culture staples, such as the Wizard of Oz. That, and I just love seeing babes all painted up green. Hey, once again, I'm not being sexist. My girlfriend once put on this green face mask to rejuvenate her skin, and I must admit, it was kinda sexy, especially when she ordered her winged monkeys to tear our neighbors scarecrow to pieces. Eee hee hee...

Issue 6 has Dorthy being captured by the winged monkeys and forced to work in the Wicked Witch's castle. This is because she won't give up her silver slippers. Meanwhile, the cowardly lion is being starved. The issue ends with Dorthy, at her breaking point, tossing water on the witch, whereupon she melts into nothingness.

The OZ manga sticks pretty close to the original story. The only differences is the emphasis on manga style drawing, you know, girls with big eyes, evil pointy faces, and a big robot (Tin Man). If you're interested in other Wizard of the Oz adaptions check out:

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