Saturday, December 6, 2008

Marvel Holiday Special One-Shot

Cover Art: Frazer Irving
Publisher: Marvel
Published: February 2007

Nineteen days till X-Mas, and with that joyful event comes the holiday specials from the comic publishers. I was going to wait a bit before I started reviewing the holiday comics, but I just had to get this one out to the fans ASAP! This is the Marvel Holiday Special from 2007. All I'm going to post is the cover. If you want a review on one of the stories included in this ish, check out Chris's Invincible Super-Blog, but don't stay too long on his site, because you'll begin to like it more than mine, and well, that'll just hurt. Just kidding - his blog is harder, faster, better, and stronger.

So, back to the cover! Check it out. Anything seem odd. Nope, just your standard Christmas cover with a grumpy Hulk and some adolescent Marvel Heroes.
But wait, what's the deal with Iron Man's stomach armor?
Maybe it's just me, but does that look like a giant armored erection? I always thought abs were more squarish, and not so much, uh, penish. Anyway if this is just a Marvel gaff, I'd say it's almost as bad as the phallic tower on the Little Mermaid VHS cover.

If it isn't a gaff, then there's nothing like heralding the start of the holidays like an ambiguous armored stiffy.


Note: Before I hear it from some long-time-fan-first-time-commenter, but today being the 69th comic review on my 365 run and it just so happens to be about a possible phallus is purely coincidental. I swear! I just bought the darn comic today!

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