Monday, December 8, 2008

My Name is Bruce One-Shot

Writers: Milton Freewater, Jr., Mark Verheiden
Artist: Cliff Richards
Publisher: Dark Horse
Published: September 2008

My Name is Bruce is a comic adaption of the movie that goes by the same name. Unlike most movie adaptations though, this one pretty much skips everything besides the beginning and ending.

Beginning: drunken, horny teenagers release ancient Chinese Protector Guan-Di by removing a special amulet from an abandoned mine. Guan-Di cuts off some heads and limbs.

Ending: Bruce Campbell is recruited by said teenagers (the comic didn't say how), and using his B-movie magic, he is able to distract Guan-Di using bean curd, while the teenager blows up the mine with Guan-Di trapped inside. Replace seal, witty comments, The End.

On an unrelated note, I've just found out that Google has my site listed in their searches! HELL YEAH! That means, that if someone types "comix 365", my blog is the first entry cited. Wow. I've done it. The Google Empire Spider Patrol has included me in the ever expansive web.

Now that Google has decided I'm not completely useless and irrelevant, which is very cool.... it's too bad nobody except the weirdo comic undergroundies and folks who "dont spel to goud" will ever find my it too late to change my blog title to Comics-365?

Screw it - I've gone too far.

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