Friday, December 5, 2008

Solo # 1: Tim Sale

Catwoman by Tim SaleCatwoman by Tim SaleWriters: Tim Sale, Darwyn Cooke, Diana Schutz, Jeph Loeb, Brian Azzarello
Artist: Tim Sale
Publisher: DC
Published: December 2004

This is the first issue that started this magnificent series. Sale is teamed up with a pantheon of great writers, which is a testament to his level of artistic skill. I've read that Tim Sale is color blind. This isn't too surprising considering his work is highly stylistic, his brushwork is crisp, and his art looks fantastic when viewed in black and white.

Tim Sale's Solo issue has 6 short tales. The first one concerns a non-typical date between Catwoman and Batman. The second story is about debts owed, and the third tale is a 50's style romance with an extremely sad ending about Supergirl and Dick Wilson. The fourth tale is about Superman's prom date, and the fifth tale is a pitch perfect crime noir. Finally the last tale concerns a single kiss and a tear.

Superman going to the promThis issue of Solo is absolutely fantastic. I had read some of Sales work, The Long Halloween, Dark Victory, Daredevil Yellow, and I found his artwork was breathtaking, seductive, moody, and stylized. With this issue, a sad romantic Sale emerges forth. Each story is about a relationship of some kind, be it crazy love, enduring love, first loves, bitter love, to old love. Each story is quite touching, and that combined with his artwork, Sale creates a romance comic of the highest order. Certainly one of the bests I've ever read.

Supergirl swept off her feet

Catwoman and Batman play cat and mouse

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