Thursday, December 25, 2008

Walt Disney's Mickey & Donald # 17

Writers: Carl Fallberg, Carl Barks, Ted Osborne, Paul Murry, John Lustig, Jan Kruse, Bryon Erickson
Artists: Paul Murry, Carl Barks, Floyd Gottfredson, William Van Horn, Don Rosa
Publisher: Gladstone Publishing
Published: March 1990

Merry Christmas! Hanuka, Kwanzaa, miscellaneous day of celebration.

Today is the day that love is in the air and gifts rain like rain on a rainy day. Whenever I think back on previous Christmas's I'm flooded with memories of food, gifts, and Christmas TV specials. One special that always stood out in my mind was Disney's retelling of A Christmas Carol. What a great cartoon.

Well I was able to find a Disney Christmas comic. It's no A Christmas Carol, but it'll have to do. The comic is jumbo sized, with several tales. The first one has Mickey and Goofy in the Wild West as conductors for a railway. They are charged with delivering the pay to a group of miners. Too bad a certain evil Pete has his eyes on that pay as well. The second tale has Uncle Scrooge, Donald and the boys trapped on a tropical island over the holidays. The next longer tale involves Mickey getting caught up in some hi jinks, and finally Donald on the hunt for a perfect Christmas gift. Also, there are a few short gags thrown in. All in all a nice Christmas comic for the Disney fan in all of us.

Have a great X-Mas! Enjoy some Mickey madness!

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