Thursday, December 11, 2008

World's Finest Comics Starring Superman and Batman # 295

Writers: L.B. Kellog, David Anthony Kraft
Artists: Jerome Moore, Frank McLaughlin
Publisher: DC
Published: September 1983

I haven't read too many Batman or Superman tales from the 80s, but I'm beginning to think I missed a special time in their friendship. This issue opens with Batman on his deathbed after a gas poisoning by the Moon Dancers. Superman is at his side, and the two are sharing a silent moment.

I wish I knew how to quit you!

Turns out that the Moon Dancers, which include Harvest Moon, Crescent Moon, and New Moon, are working for a scientist hellbent on dismantling all nuclear weapons. Crescent Moon is responsible for gassing Batman, but she is unaware of her masters ultimate plan, to poison Batman with an unknown virus, forcing Superman to search space for a rare energy source to cure the virus. Of, course Superman is able to find the energy source, cure Batman, and then have it fall into the evil scientists hands. The issue ends with Batman and Superman teaming up to topple the mad scientist and his plans of using this rare energy to destroy all nuclear weapons.

I picked up this issue solely because of the Moon Dancers. I mean, come on, does that not sound awesome? Crescent Moon rides a crescent shaped hovercraft and looks remarkably like Dagger from Marvel, Harvest Moon looks like Neil Young, but real hot like...kidding! She's the red head of the crew and has the power to alter her size, and New Moon is the hippie looking lady who fires freeze rays. So, yeah, pretty cool right?

After reading the comic though, besides the Moon Dancers, awesomeness, I couldn't help but feel bad for Batsy. I mean, he ends up being beaten and manipulated by the baddies, which isn't a big deal, but when he's out cold, Gotham criminals, hearing that he is on the way out, end up starting a massive crime wave. However, after Batman has been cured and is resting, Superman flies into Gotham, and in a day's work ends up stopping and capturing all the criminals. If I were Batman, I'd feel a bit, oh I don't know, useless. Realistically, it would take Batman at least a couple of weeks to accomplist that feat! No wonder the two of them got a whole brokeback/hate thing going.

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