Monday, December 1, 2008

X-Men Unlimited # 37

Writer: Kaare Andrews
Artist: Kaare Andrews, Dave McCaig, Mike Kunkel, Joshua Middleton, Troy Nixey, Dave Stewart, Skottie Young, Pat Duke
Publisher: Marvel
Published: September 2002

X is for X-Men! X-Men!

This is another one of those issues that I picked up because the cover kicked ass. As you can see, it has many, many versions of Wolverine duking it out and it looks absolutely awesome! As for the story, it's pretty awesome too.

The issue follows a farmer who summons a boy named Hutch into his plain of existence. Hutch is a boy who was born into all worlds but none. He is split between all the different realities, but when the farmer summons him he ends up creating a convergence in all the worlds which allows Mephisto a chance to destroy everything. The X-Men, all the many versions are there to fight him. As the issue progresses we find out that Hutch is the son of Illyana, who just wants her boy back. In the end Hutch sacrifices his solidarity in one reality to save all realities. What a nice boy!

The great thing about these type of tales is that it offers a wide range of artists. It's like a sampler of talent, and it allows the reader the chance to see a variety of styles. I was greatly impressed by Nixey and Stewarts version of Mephisto. Real creepy and yet powerful! Also the little Wolverine and little X-Men scene was pretty wicked. The comic is worth a read just for the artistic wonders inside.

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