Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Batman: Harley Quinn

Writer: Paul Dini
Artist: Yvel Guichet
Publisher: DC
Published: 1999

Harley Quinn is one of the few characters that can hold a candle to Joker. She doesn't try to outwit him, out-crazy him, or out-murder him. She just tries to love him, and it's this crazy love that, well, makes her crazy. How can one love someone who can never know what love is? Harley knows....

This issue picks up during Cataclysm. Poison Ivy is on 'farm patrol' and is in charge with helping to feed the citizens of Gotham. During one of her trips of harvesting, she happens upon a beat up Harley Quinn. After rescuing her, Ivy finds out that Joker tried to kill Harley (imagine that: the crazy killer clown guilty of attempted murder). Harley doesn't take too kindly to this act, and after some healing and powering up thanks to Ivy's anti-plant poison serum, Harley starts her most diabolical plan: to kill the Joker!

Now, I don't want to give away the ending of this one, but if you've paid attention to the first paragraph, it's pretty much spelled out for ya.

Crazy In Love

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