Friday, January 23, 2009

Naughty Bits # 17

Writer/Artist: Roberta Gregory
Publisher: Fantagraphics
Published: August 1995

I don't really have too much to say on this comic, beyond it was an interesting read. The main character Midge aka Bitchy Bitch is a confused mess who sleeps around and worries more about what people think about her then what she thinks about herself. While enjoying different sexual partners she joins a Woman's Collective. She stands out in stark contrast to the other woman that also attend, but in the end she shares a painful memory and is accepted by the group.

Also in this issue she develops a yeast infection, contracts gonorrhea, finds a new job, finds out her roommate is lesbian, and she has a fight with her parents. Definitely an eventful 18 pages.

My first year of university I took a woman's studies class. Man that sucked. I mean, woman that sucked. Never mind my initial reasons for taking the class, let me just say that back then I was a lot more determined and hard headed than I am now, and against my better judgment I stuck it out. Each week I looked forward to attending a class where I was the only male present, and the main topic of interest was: "what men do to ruin our lives?"

Just joking!...but at times it felt like that because a few of the students used the class as a forum to discuss how a man, or men, had or have worsened their life. Now, don't get me wrong for stating this. I'm not saying my fellow classmates had no right to bitch about men; I just couldn't help but feel that some of the ladies present saw me as a typical male that causes the sort of typical male shit that men cause and so I felt all eyes were on me.

In the end I can't blame them, I did err on my part. I joined a class that didn't want me there but let me stay out of forced politeness, and if anything, I'm thankful they sheathed their claws slightly because I just know if those cats* really wanted to scratch, I would have been a heap of sliced man meat.

* Yes, I know that women don't like being referred to as cats. I would have said "chicks" but everyone knows chicks are too tiny and cute to cut shit, so my last remark wouldn't have made sense. If I had said "hens" on the other hand...well that probably would have been worse, so ladies - you owe me one!

Better yet: we'll call it even. Equality. How refreshing.

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