Monday, February 9, 2009

Marvel Romance Redux # 1: But I Thought He Loved Me!

Writers: Jeff Parker, John Buscema, Roger Langridge, John Lustig, Stan Lee, Jimmy Palmiotti, Keith GiffenArtists: John Romita Sr., Dick Giordano, Vinny Colletta, Jack Kirby, Gene Colan, Jim Mooney
Publisher: Marvel
Published: April 2006

Another Marvel Romance Redux review. Similar to the last one I posted, this one has re-scripted stories to the old romance comics Marvel used to publish. I found this one to be better than the Guy's & Doll's issue. First off the artwork has Jack Kirby and John Romita Sr. doin' their thing. I find Romita's penciling of his female leads to be a bit more alluring than The president strips!Kirby's. Kirby has a squarish face design to his characters which sometimes has his females looking a little manly. That being said, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and all that jazz...

The first tale is about a stripper who is also President of the USA, and the second is about a girl being ashamed of her tattoos. The third tale is about guns and relationships. The fourth tale is about marriage and not wanting it, and finally the last tale is a hit gone awry.

There you have it, a review that clearly show's I'm not trying, but much like romance, sometimes a person doesn't want to bother trying.

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